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ANNOUNCEMENT: Joining the already incredible lineup for Mile Up Your Ave. 2 will be The Dark Inside and Someday I Could Kill!! This event will take place Saturday, August 9th in Downtown Appleton at Shark's Club and Billiards!! Also performing will be: Decivilize, When Everythings Taken, Emotional Flatline, and Evoked!! More details coming soon!! Mark your calendars!! You do not want to miss this show!! BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Mile Up Your Ave. 2 Bands:
2014 WAMI Nominee Evoked!!
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Video: When Everything's Taken

Video by DLMlive

Video: Someday I Could Kill
"The Cave In Which It Dwells"

Video by DLMlive
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This Is....Decivilize
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Metal Epic Mayhem
An original sitcom about a middle aged heavy metal band whose immaturity continuously sabotages their chances at success.
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Savagefest 6 Updates
SAVAGEFEST is a festival to showcase local and regional talent in support of national headliners. It's about giving local bands exposure to potential new fans, gig opportunities, industry networking, endorsement deals, sponsorships and more!
Downtown Appleton!!
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