This is....The Dark Inside

Jake Baumbach - Bass, Vocals
Joe Kiley - Guitar, Vocals
Brian Boelter - Drums

1. How did your band come up with its name?
We were spit-balling names for awhile when we got together and we chose the name Dark Inside from one of my favorite movies, Event Horizon. I think it was meant to be temporary, but nothing better came up and it stuck. After Joe joined the band we added “The” to the beginning.  We always felt the name was a little cheesy, but it adequately described what we were portraying and what we were expelling.
2. Which local community is your band from? 
3. How long have you been together?
On and off, for around seven years. Brian and I have been playing together for around ten years. When Joe joined in 2004, we all clicked.  We had a two year hiatus a couple years back while Joe was finishing up school in Point. But since he came back to Appleton we have been busy getting serious and retooling our back catalog.

4. What kind of music do you play? 
We never know how to answer that. A little rock, a little metal, jazz, funk, blues. I think we usually settle on “other”. 
5. Who are your influences?
That’s almost impossible to answer. When we formed Brian listened to punk, Joe listened to Indie and I listened to death metal. We have all since taken a great enjoyment in each other’s musical taste and expanded our musical horizons to the point that we pretty much listen to anything and everything.  So almost anything has the possibility of falling into the realm of some that has influenced us.
6. What inspires your band the most?
Music. We LOVE music. It is the most important thing in our lives, and that is what brought us together. Anything related to music inspires us, whether it’s practice, or playing shows, jamming to tunes, learning and applying what we can.
7. Where is your favorite place to play in the Fox Cities?
Maritime and Reptile Palace. Both places have great owners and really try to keep independent music alive in the Cities. They always seem to have something going on and rotate the styles of music that is being played. And the owners have always treated us great!
8. What has been your band's favorite show to date, and why?
So many great times, I really can’t pin down just one. 
9. What has been your band's least favorite show to date, and why?
We try not to focus on the negative. Have things gone wrong? Sure, but we just try to learn from anything that went wrong and have a great time after the fact. No matter how bad a show went, there was always a cold PBR waiting at the other side of the stage.
10. Any plans to tour?
That’s the goal, but nothing solid yet.
11. What is currently inspiring your songwriting?
We have recently been reworking old songs, so we have just been focusing on applying what we’ve learned over the last few years to our back catalog. Hopefully soon we’ll be in the position to answer the question accurately.
12. When will your (next) CD be ready?
We hope to have an EP recorded in May and another at the end of the year.
13. Does your band have a signature song?
"I’d Like To Do Your Taxes." We recorded it last October and currently have for sale on itunes. We are really happy with how it turned out and are looking forward to recording there again. Go spend $1 on itunes and check it out, you’ll be able to jam some bitchin’ tunes, and support us as all that sweet cash will be funding our return to the studio.
14. What is your current favorite song to play?
That changes almost weekly. They are all different and fun, so it is pretty easy to have a good time playing any of them. Usually if we haven’t played a song for a while, it is really exciting to get back in to.

15. What are your long term goals?
World Domination.
16. How does your band evaluate success?
Number of STD’s acquired.
17. Who are your favorite bands or artists in the area?
Shoot, we started playing with Sunday Flood and Like Fine Wine, who were both school friends and really inspiring. Then we played a lot with Scarlet Escape and 5MAN, who are awesome dudes to rock with and have given us great support. We have recently enjoyed playing with Bound for Severance and Shallows. There are so many unique and amazing bands in the area it is hard to really say.

18. What do you think of the Fox Cities music scene? How can we improve it? 
It is a great area for music, but it seems divided amongst itself. There seems to be many factions in the independent music scene that aren’t able to mesh into a cohesive unit. I think the area needs to come together more and put out more shows and get more of a audience to all the shows.  It seems like there needs to be a revival of the Fox Cities area to get a fire lit and get people out to experience live independent music in the Valley.

19. Any advice for new local bands just starting out? 
Don’t name yourself “The Dark Inside.”
20. Where can we see you perform next?
Saturday, April 13th at Phat Headz in Green Bay!!
Come on out and party with us!!