This Is....Vile Disgorgement

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1. How did your band come up with its name?
We wanted the most brutal sounding name possible. 
2. Which local community is your band from? 
We hail from Green Bay,WI.
3. How long have you been together?
We've been together a little over one year, adding our second guitarist in December 2012. 

4. What kind of music do you play? 
Death Metal.  
5. Who are your influences?
Cannibal Corpse, Slayer, Naplam Death, Suffocation, Disgorge, Gorguts, and DRINKING BEER!!! 
6. What inspires your band the most?
Beer, gratuitous sex acts, other metal music, Barney, just playing music, being on stage, rocking it, and meeting people. 
7. Where is your favorite place to play in the Fox Cities?
A few of our favorites are the Repitle Palace, the first FoxCitiesMusic store, and the Crunchy Frog (Green Bay).
8. What has been your band's favorite show to date, and why?
There's just so many. The rave becuase there was 75 kids punching each other in the face and we got hammered. The first time we played the Crunchy Frog is another favorite because Tom nailed a dude in the face with his bass...sorry dude!
9. What has been your band's least favorite show to date, and why?
That would have to be the "Oshkosh Music Festival". We were lied to about basically the whole event by the promoter and it was a major bummer. Overall the day was not all bad because we ended up going to the Reptile Palace and shared a few good stories that night.
10. Any plans to tour?
Not at the moment.  We are working on playing in as many cities as possible. Maybe in a few years we will cross state lines.
11. What is currently inspiring your songwriting?
Matt Jansen: I try to get inpiration from other metal music that I enjoy. I try to keep it creative and original.  
12. When will your (next) CD be ready?
Hopefully our debut EP will be available before summer 2013.
13. Does your band have a signature song
People seem to enjoy "Bodies in the Basement".
14. What is your current favorite song to play?
"Split Her Wide Open" is always fun to play and "Shepherd of Rot".
15. What are your long term goals?
Touring, show the world what we got, and most importantly having fun. Continue making original brutal metal music, not repeat ourselves and not sell out to other interest. Do what we want the way we want to.   
16. How does your band evaluate success?
We evaluate success by how much fun we and the crowd has. We really enjoy seeing people moshing and head banging and just having a good time to our music. There is no better feeling than that. 
17. Who are your favorite bands or artists in the area?
Really? There are too many good acts to name them all, but a few of them are Micawber, 40 oz Face Plant, An Asylum Awaits, Screaming Entombment, Harvey Brown, Neon Hole, and Human Cruelty. 
18. What do you think of the Fox Cities music scene? How can we improve it?
The Fox Cities music scene is thriving and there's lots of support going on. It can be improved by people supporting thier local bands and buying merch. Thats the lifeblood of any band. 

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19. Any advice for new local bands just starting out?
Stick to it and have fun!  If you're not doing this for fun then you're in it for the wrong reasons. That is what music has and will always be about - Don't forget that. Do what you have a passion for and not what others want you to do regardless of where that gets you.  
20. Where can we see you perform next?
Feb. 23rd at Diablo's in Neenha and April 12th at the Crunchy Frog in Green Bay.